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Separation strip – ASTORstuck

ASTORstuck is used in dry construction as a sound-absorbing and hydrophobic separation for connections of the planking to walls, floors and ceilings. It avoids tensions and cracks in plaster connections in connection with suspended ceilings and partition walls.

The novel separating tape (stucco tape) consists of high-value, closed-cell PE foam with a self adhesive strip on the edge area and is used as sealing, expansion and masking tape for dry construction.

Data sheet
  • ease of use
  • rolls in use remain closed, i.e. do not fall apart
  • siliconized, dirt-repellent, protective outer skin
  • more running meters per roll (cheaper per running meter)
  • high delivery readiness in top quality (made in Switzerland)
  • optimized packaging units (lower delivery costs)
  • self-coiled, without waste of silicon paper
  • easy and clean cut-off of the excess of the tape
  • high resistance to aging
  • insensitive to moisture
  • no drying time (immediate continuation of work possible)
  • solvent free
  • reduces / prevents tension and cracks in plaster finishes when used for suspended ceilings and partition walls
  • prevents cold bridges in walls, provides a secure seal against capillary effects
  • suitable for fittings in the roof area and for shadow joints
  • effectively prevents zigzag cracks in dry and wet construction
  • for use in drywall wet plaster: roof extension, wooden beams, gypsum plasterboard, gypsum boards, window sills, plastic windows, roof cornice


  • closed-cell polyethylene foam, laminated with siliconized film


  • hotmelt adhesive
  • width of side strip about 9 mm


  • roll width 30 or 50 mm
  • standard carton size of 400 x 400 x 300 mm, optimally palletisable

new roll length:
» 2 mm thickness with 55 m
» 3 mm thickness with 35 m